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Scout helps take the twists and turns out of your Supply Chain needs.

With a combined 50+ years experience, let our profesional team do the heavy lifting and help you get on with your main focus - growing your business.

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A full spectrum of services

Warehousing Requirements

Scout has a number of partners in the Warehousing and Logistics fields.

Through these relationships we are able to provide Warehousing solutions on either a temporary or permanent arrangement.

Our partners are able to handle all types of shipping needs, covering pick/pack/ship courier or LTL/FL.

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Transportation and Logistics

We work closely with several transportation providers to facilitate deliveries whether they require Courier, LTL or Full Truck Loads.

Our partners are able to provide competitive inbound and outbound services within Canada and the US, including trucking and rail services.

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Business Expansion

If your business is thinking of entering into the Canadian market or if you are expanding from within Canada, Scout has the expertise to ensure your expansion goes flawlessly.

Retail and eCommerce(B2B B2C).

If your business needs an ecommerce solution, Scout is able to assist you in choosing the best partners to handle your requirements.

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Supply Chain Analysis

Our analysis of your current and future business direction will allow us to recommend the best partner for your needs.

Our partners will not only help you become established, but will be there with you as your business grows and provide solutions for your Supply Chain needs.

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No Obligation Shipping and Freight Cost Analysis

At Scout we have access to a number of prefereed cartage rates covering local, intra and inter Provincial services. These cover all categories from small parcel courier to LTL/FL.

We will review your current freight costs and provide a market comparison.

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Ocean and/or Air freight Services

We work with established and trusted partners to handle your inbound freight needs at competitive pricing for both ocean and air freight services.

Container de-stuffing, sortation and delivery to your end user either within Canada or the US.

Let Scout show you how we can reduce your Canada Customs Duties on your US destined cargo.

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Cargo Boxes with Airplane and Container Ship

Our Approach

We are curious collaborators.

We ask a lot of questions to get to the heart of your challenges.

We dive deep into your business and your current processes to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Scout offers a comprehensive analysis covering all facets of the Supply Chain industry.

With a total of 50+ years in the Logistics industry we have the experience and contacts to assist your enterprise.

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